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Welcome to writingjackal.com. This is a journal of original short stories that updates monthly. The topics can be broad but mostly cover science fiction and fantasy. I write all kinds of random stories with fantasy/sci-fi/horror themes. If you’re in a horror mood, try out Lynchpin, a story about a man who meets his fiancee’s parents.

I finished my first novel and self-published it on the Kindle store! It’s a comedy set in the Appalachian Mountains, and it’s kind of accidentally a Christmas story. There’s also deep-woods cultists, fertilizer crime rings,and mysterious Russian guests. I’d appreciate any Amazon reviews you can give — lots of reviews would help me market the book better. http://www.amazon.com/Vale-Cross-Laurence-Finn-ebook/dp/B015NLSANE/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1442934450&sr=8-2&keywords=vale+of+the+cross

Cover 48

It’s on hiatus, but I was working on a series of science fiction stories focusing on two people who try to recover the remains of their lost civilization. It’s meant to be fast-paced and action-oriented. I’ve taken down those stories for now, but they may come back later.

Horror, Fantasy, and other stand-alone short stories:

Lynchpin: Stephen meets his father-in-law for a cookout.

Runes in the Snow: The Wilks Family comes across a traveling salesman.

The Tree and the Wolf: Supernatural house maintenance problems abound for Felix…

Foxfire: A traveler comes across foxfire during a nighttime drive.

Loyalty: A strange woman comes to stay with the Henworthy family.


Keto and Daine “Scavengers of Rhea” short story series [REMOVED]:

(1) “The Veil”– Keto’s attempted recovery of a medical device outside of quarantine goes awry.

(2) “On the Outside” — Keto and Daine travel to the northern wastes and find a massive, untouched structure.

(3) “Diversions” — Keto steals an artifact from the Regent’s Winter Palace.

(4) “Rain Down” — Daine gets involved with a crazed inventor named Lian Feng.

(5) “Bloodless” — Continued from “Rain Down.” Keto and Daine investigate a fallen object from Rhea’s orbit.