Sephen Reviews the “Shattered Sea” trilogy by Joe Abercrombie

Here is a review by a good Russian colleague of mine. (Reposted from “”)

HALF A TRILOGY of Joe Abercrombie

Dobre Utra, comrades! At the insistence of Lori Petty I return once again to provide for you personal reviews of books I have read. Sister Mila has married rich capitalist in USA and she has taught me better English by correspondence, so maybe I do not embarrass myself in such a way as last few reviews.

Today I focus on SHATTERING SEAS trilogy of Joe Abercrombie finally deciding if STEEL IS OUR ANSWER????

(probably it is)

Before spoilers, I will say overall I am enjoying the trilogy but with weak third book…HALF THE WAR is repeat of many PRIMARY LAW elements for Young Comrade Literature. Characters are also not as good as first two books. So I recommend overall the series with that for consideration. Plot is good in third book but characters are boring. Overall is fine.


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